Quilt Entry Deadline - July 10th

​Quilt to be delivered July 24th

We reserve the right to refuse any entry. Heart of the Basin and/or any member thereof cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods.  Heart of the Basin will take all reasonable measures to safeguard all of the items entered into the quilt show.

Entry requirements:

1. Each quilt must be presented in its own fabric bag or pillowcase – NO PLASTIC BAGS. Do not put more than one quilt per bag/case.

2. All quilts are required to have a 4” hanging sleeve sewn to the back with the exception of quilts smaller than 24 x 24. Smaller quilts will be pinned so no hanging sleeve is required.

3. Each quilt must have a label attached to the back with the owner's name included.

4. A color photo is required with each quilt entry form. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. Quilts will be delivered to the Sacred Heart Gym Wednesday July 24th & 25th from 9 am to 2 pm.  Quilt pickup is Sunday, July 28th at 4 pm.

 Klamath Falls, Oregon